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Alex Pradhan

Principal Research Analyst

Alex Pradhan is a Principal Research Analyst at Gartner where she advises CSCOs and supply chain leaders focused on technology on best practices and trends in supply chain planning software, supply chain planning technologies including roadmap development, provider selection and technology implementation. Her research focus covers all aspects of supply chain planning technology, emerging technologies including blockchain and the intersection of user experience, analytics, and collaboration in supply chain planning technology. Prior to joining Gartner she held various marketing and supply chain management roles for multinational organizations. She has a Post Graduate Data Science certificate from University of California Irvine and MBA from University of Miami. Alex has taught at the Miami Dade College Idea Center and has been featured in several supply chain journals.

The Analytics Leader's First 100 Days

How an analytics leader performs in the first 100 days on the job is crucial to success or failure. In this time period, the leader must clearly communicate current capabilities and a future road map. In this session, we will present a structured, time-phased approach new - and even seasoned analytics leaders - can follow to thrive in their role and lessons learned along the way.

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