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Gracie Diaz

Data Scientist, AI & Robotics Team
Royal Caribbean

Gracie Diaz is a data scientist on the AI and Robotics team at Royal Caribbean. Her work has focused on machine learning techniques related to Natural Language Processing (NLP), from which she is co-inventor on two pending patents. Her background includes security operations at Royal as well as investment and banking roles at Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers. She received her B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University. Outside of professional pursuits, she particularly enjoys being silly with her husband, her kids and their dog.

Natural Language Processing: Principles and Practice

Work with unstructured data such as natural language processing (NLP) is a fascinating and nuanced field within machine learning and data science. While NLP benefits from an abundance of tools and cutting-edge research, it can be a bit overwhelming when getting started with applying these methods. This presentation will discuss concepts useful to approaching an NLP project and will walk through an example application. It will also note a few best-practices that the presenter has found along the way.

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