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Tania Oliveira

Sr. Director Consulting & Analytics

Tania Oliveira has been in VISA more than 3 years leading world-class analytics team of data scientists, data modelers and business analysts with different expertise: Machine Learning, Big Data, Econometrics, Quantitative methods among others. That team provides analytical consulting engagement, developing data-driven strategic initiatives and spurring the innovation with Visa’s clients. The projects that have been developed are both strategic and analytical, leveraging the power of data to move insights to actionable strategies and recommendations. Tania and her team have delivered high value solutions to issuers, merchants and acquirers using cutting edge analytics methodologies. Before joining Visa, Tania worked for Citibank more than 14 years holding different roles in Complex markets that includes Brazil, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Experience in Risk Analytics, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Product Management. Prior Citibank, she worked in Banco Itau more than 3 years in Risk Management. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computational and Applied Mathematics from University of Campinas (Unicamp – Sao Paulo/ Brazil), MBA in Financial Economics in University of Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo/ Brazil) and Disruptive Strategy in Harvard/ USA.

The right JOIN: Merchants + Data

In this talk, Tania Oliveira Sr. Director of Visa Consulting & Analytics will discuss the power of VisaNet´s data, and how Visa drives insights to help its clients. She will showcase specific examples of how VCA has combined Visa data with payments expertise in order to optimize Merchant’s performance and profitability.

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