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Tia Dubuisson

President of Data Transformation & Co-Founder
Belle Fleur Technologies

Tia co-founded Belle Fleur Technologies to drive cloud adoption and help companies build and maintain modern infrastructures. She specializes in customer success with over 10 years of experience managing teams, customer centric projects using Agile methodologies, total end to end Big Data and Analytics + Machine Learning transforming data into business insights. Automation of manual tasks and empowering employees is her favorite part of data transformation. Tia’s project planning and management, resource management, requirement gathering and process creation skills are completed with excellence. Her unique approach is to ignite and motivate others, daring everyone in her path to run their company operations smarter by making continuous improvements to become better leaders, become proficient at smart innovation and facilitate from the back of the room. Earlier in her career, Tia was a microbiologist, managed various labs with experience that spans vaccine production, pre-clinical medical device and antibiotic research for TB.

It's All About The Data?

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