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Rashida Nasrin Sucky


Data Scientist


Rashida Nasrin Sucky Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Masters in Environment Management, Masters in Environmental Engineering I started my career as a Civil Engineer and worked in Construction Industry for 5 years. After that I got interested in research and served as a Research Assistant in Texas A&M University – Kingsville for few years. I had to process so much data there that I had to start thinking of learning efficient data processing tools. That’s how I became a Data Scientist.

Word Generation and Text Classification with Tensorflow

Word generation and text classification both are very important and widely used term in Natural Language Processing. Google, Youtube and even Phone text message options show suggestions that what the next word could be while typing. On the other hand, text classification is used in tagging and searching from pull of documents, research, SEO, marketing and many other areas. All these complex tasks can be performed efficiently using Tensorflow developed by Google Brain team. They made the use of neural network simple, easy and fast for the people, without knowing how to code a neural network. Tensorflow is also used prominently in computer vision and Image recognition problems. But this session with be focused only on the Natural Language Processing.

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